Challenging Questions

One of the joys of leadership development work is that I get to hear a lot of really thought-provoking questions about the subject. They often do not have obvious answers, but they sure stimulate some deeper thinking. Following are a couple that come to mind, which will give you an idea of what I am [Read More]

The Irony of Accountability

Not long ago, I was working with a senior team, in a session being held at a country club.  Most golf clubs try very hard to provide a top-notch client experience, and this one was no different. Our past experiences there have always been terrific. Breakfast was scheduled for 8:00, and everyone was going to fill [Read More]

The Other Side Of Change

Change can be a pesky creature. One of my favorite sayings, attributed to Yogi Berra, is “the future ain’t what it used to be.” That pretty well sums up the truth about change. In fact, of all the words written about the topic, the one most accurate is likely “inevitable.” Not too long ago, I [Read More]

A Lesson from the Past

Many of you may recall hearing about the famous one-word mantra, popular at IBM years ago. Having read several renditions of this story, it seems this single word statement was started by former CEO Thomas Watson, and served as a beacon of guidance and leadership for all. Apparently when things did not go as planned, [Read More]

Entitled or Engaged

A few weeks ago, author Jim Kouzes (The Leadership Challenge) was in Cincinnati, talking about the ties between effective leadership and higher levels of employee engagement.  An interesting question was posed by one of the attendees. He asked, something to the effect, if levels of engagement might be different in those who have a strong [Read More]

No Shortcut to Success

Jim Kouzes, co-author of The Leadership Challenge, spoke to an enthusiastic audience in Cincinnati, a couple of weeks back. During his talk, he posed a question, which really got people thinking. He asked how many in the group either were – or knew of someone who was – a very good, even exceptional  athlete or musician [Read More]

Lessons About Credibility

We seem to be going through one of those cycles when everyday we are reminded of people or organizations falling off the credibility wagon.  You likely recall the example of the local news station in San Francisco, who apparently got duped and reported joke-like names, when attempting to identify the pilots of the Asiana airliner [Read More]

Reflections From The Leadership Challenge Forum 2013

The Leadership Challenge Forum 2013, the annual conference for students, practitioners and others excited about  this proven methodology, was held during the last week of July.  The Forum theme was Inspire A Shared Vision, based on one of the Five Practices, described in The Leadership Challenge.  Here are some reflections about the conference which I [Read More]

Transferring Practice to Game Day

Many years ago I played on a soccer team. And, I clearly remember practicing everything – passing, shooting, trapping, head balls, defending, you name it. In fact we would spend quite a bit of time at practice working on skills and hopefully building muscle memory. I also remember something else – that has stayed with [Read More]

Innovations in Leadership

The insightful comments below are from noted author, Ron Crossland (The Leader’s Voice, Voice Lessons). Enjoy. I recently read Michael Schrage’s, author of Serious Play (a seriously good book), recent article in Harvard Business Review about the role of surprise as applied to innovation. He asks, “Is it better to be predictably surprising or surprisingly [Read More]