Key Lessons about Change

As I write this, the woods behind my home are a breathtaking mix of yellows, greens and oranges, with a sprinkling of reds. It reminds me that change can indeed be a beautiful thing. However, within a couple of weeks, the trees will be bare, and my yard will be covered with a deep layer [Read More]

Accountability: The New Body Odor

  By Tom Heuer, the Richard A. Forsythe Chair Of Entrepreneurship, at Miami of Ohio University During my college days, I remember that hygiene often became an afterthought. Showering, washing clothes, having clean sheets and towels were not on the priority list. It just wasn’t that important to us. Rolling on the ban deodorant took [Read More]

The Power of Real Time Feedback

How important accurate feedback at the right time can be. I was recently hiking in the Daniel Boone Forest in Kentucky. The hike was a 5 mile loop, with the two trail heads about a quarter mile from each other. We decided to take the trailhead furthest to the right, which would circle us back [Read More]

Reflections From The 2015 Forum

On June 18 – 19, The Leadership Challenge Forum 2015 was held. The purpose of this annual event is to promote the growth and development of leaders in all aspects of life.  It is a remarkable continuing education experience for users and practitioners of The Leadership Challenge methodology, and for that matter, anyone interested in [Read More]

Lessons from the Bee

It was the energetic Vanya, with the warm your heart smile, against, the very laid back, almost zen-like Gokul. Two heavyweights slugging it out, round after round after round. And when it was all over, the winner’s trophy was held up by… Both! Once again, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend this year’s Scripps [Read More]

I Wish You Knew

Perhaps you have seen the video circulating on the news about the 3rd grade school teacher, Kyle Schwartz, who gave her kids the assignment to write a response to the phrase, “I wish my teacher knew.” You can view the ABC news story about it, by following the link below. Being children, they wrote some [Read More]

Ordinary or Extraordinary – No Decision

The following was provided by guest contributor, Tom Heuer, the Richard A. Forsythe Chair Of Entrepreneurship, at Miami of Ohio University. Think about the message. It may forever change the way you do things going forward. Ordinary – a word everyone disdains, but a condition most people accept. Crazy – maybe. Recently, I had invited a student [Read More]

A Lesson in Caring

Last month, a childhood friend passed away. The announcement of his passing was not totally unexpected, as he had defied those odds for years. For you see, a diving accident when he was a 15 year old star athlete had left him a quadriplegic. He remained wheelchair bound the remaining 45 years of his life. [Read More]

One Thing That Never Changes – And Needs To

If you remember, fifteen years ago about this time, we were on the verge of worldwide catastrophe. Troops were not on the march, nor were missile silos being readied. No, the world was about to end, when the calendar changed to the year 2000. Because the date program in computers had been programed for only [Read More]

Blinded to the Facts

Like many, I have been interested in the circumstances in Ferguson, MO. Like most, I could not take an oath about what really happened, because everything I know about it, is at least second hand. Yet it seems that an enormous number of people seem to believe they do know the whole truth of the [Read More]