Leadership Journal

Whether setting sail across uncharted waters, following the sun across undiscovered lands, or searching for solutions to troubling problems of the day, the early explorers of our time all had no idea of where their journeys would lead them. But onward they went. And because of their courage, and determination, and the destinations they reached, people everywhere prospered from the knowledge they uncovered about the world in which we live.

Although these great adventurers took different paths into the future, there is one common tool they all took with them. It was their personal journal. Whether called a log, diary or record, it was the written account of what they did, what they learned and what the world behind them needed to know.Leadership Journal

This is your leadership journal, in which you can keep a record of the important lessons you need to take with you on your journey to the future. Your observations, thoughts, reflections, ideas and lessons learned can now be easily captured and remain with you at all times. You too, will find it to be on of your most valuable tools.

The journal is filled with insightful and inspiration quotes and is divided into four sections (each a different colored paper) to help you more effectively organize and access your entries.

As you blaze new trails for others to follow, we hope you will follow the lead of the venturers before you and capture the richness and importance of your experiences. You and those you lead will benefit greatly.

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