Meet Ron Crossland

Ron Crossland

Ron has been an organizational consultant and educator since 1985, whose range of experience has taught him that regardless of position, individuals’ work matters. He has helped individuals, teams, and organizations develop better leaders, create more innovation, forge better internal and external relationships, and inspire greater performance.

Ron is a writer, an intuitionist, a factoid junkie, and a research synthesizer. Ron blends science and art, data and philosophy, with theory and practicality to achieve an enviable goal for educators: help leaders find practical applications they can use right away as well as prompt them to reconsider their longer term leadership positions and practices.

He is a five-time entrepreneur and has held founding and/or executive positions in the following companies:

  • International Leadership Associates (Co-Founder)
  • Tom Peters Company (former Vice-Chair)
  • Tom Peters Company, Ltd. (current Managing Partner)
  • Bluepoint Leadership Development (former Chairman)

He is a speaker for company meetings, industry association events, and other venues. Ron received his BS in Electronic Engineering Technology (1975) and his MBA (1977) from Oklahoma State University. In 2011 OSU’s Spears School of Business recognized him as one of the top fifty MBA graduates of its fifty year history.

Ron is also Co-author of The Leader’s Voice: How Your Communication Can Inspire Action and Get Results! (New York: SelectBooks, 2002, 2008), and The Leadership Experience: From Individual Success to Organizational Significance (New York: SelectBooks, 2007).