Sustaining the Learning

Sustaining the Learning

There is an important and recurring question about leadership development, especially related to methodologies or approaches such as The Leadership Challenge®. The question is, “how do you sustain the learning after the workshop?” What does it take to keep the learning alive and growing?

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Many aspiring leaders leave a development opportunity (such as The Leadership Challenge® Workshop) with the best of intentions, but turning intentions into action requires continuing dedication, support, feedback and opportunities to perform.

The most important factor in sustaining a leadership development effort is to ensure people “want to” keep learning, growing and improving as leaders. Too often, sustaining is perceived as a number of different activities or training events Human Resources/Organizational Development can come up with to keep an initiative alive. Success actually comes from a strong, visible, and enduring organizational commitment to leadership development, and an equally strong desire and commitment on the part of each participant to relentlessly pursue the goal of becoming a better leader.

For over 30 years, ILA has worked with clients helping them develop strategies to sustain and grow the application of the practices overtime. We would be happy to provide you with a detailed description of these suggestions, opportunities and proven practices. Contact ILA to obtain this.