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We at ILA believe that leadership makes a difference. We also believe that people at all levels have the capability to become better leaders. (Learn More) about how ILA can help you strengthen the leadership talent throughout your organization.

The Power of Feedback

The ILA Blog offers insights on a variety of contemporary leadership topics. In our August posting, we provide a unique perspective about the importance of feedback. Enjoy all of our postings, and please feel free to comment.

New LPI About To Beta Test

New-lighthouse A greatly enhanced LPI - Next Generation is being beta-tested once again, and ILA is accepting offers from companies who would like to participate. Contact us for more details about this terrific opportunity.

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Light the Fire Within!

Leadership Reminder

Great leaders know that humility is always on their path to strong character.

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Enjoy This Book

With the candidates already running for President, we thought you would enjoy an excerpt from the book, Voice Lessons: Applying Science to the Art of Leadership Communication, by noted author and leader communications expert, Ron Crossland. You will learn about the value of the "central movie," in helping leaders get their messages heard. Read Leveraging Your Voice.. More about Ron.

No one does The Leadership Challenge® Workshop better than ILA. We are distinct from all others in our unsurpassed years of experience with and application of the material. And we have a complete Leadership Challenge section of our website, devoted to this body of work. Join us for this remarkable learning experience.

Upcoming Public Program Dates:

Two-day program followed by a two-day facilitator training:

April 5 - 8, 2016 (Cincinnati)
August 23 – 26, 2016 (Cincinnati)
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Three-day Residential Program held at Camp Joy, Clarksville, OH (about an hour from Cincinnati)

April 11 - 13, 2016 (Non-Profits)
Fall 2016, TBD
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