What $1 Can Do

Greetings Leaders. A video reminder this month. The world seems pretty screwed up these days. There are areas of terrorism, war, and tyranny. And there are daily examples of the brutal impact of bullying, poverty, drugs, and crime. Must I even mention politics to bring you down even further? This short story you will just [Read More]

Being Accountable

Are you up for a challenge to make your workplace better? If so, I am going to offer you 3 simple responses that if they become natural for and lived by everyone, then everything will change. Whenever you are asked (perhaps even told) to do something, look the other person in the eye and say: [Read More]

The Slippery Slope

Immediately below are 4 figures. Let me explain and the name of this sequence will soon become all too obvious.       In this first figure, the X is your moral/ethical center based on your values. The circle around it includes the behaviors that you consider to be moral and ethical. In the second [Read More]

Three important Tips

There is one theme about work today that I hear about in nearly every interaction I have with others. It seems we are in a period where the mental health of people in the workplace is of great concern. And why wouldn’t it be given the past few years. For example, one apparent fact offered [Read More]

Difference Maker – or Administrator

Greetings Leaders, I have a bit of a challenging question for you to noodle on. Based on what you spend most of your time on at work, are you more of an administrator – or a difference maker? It seems like for many the new normal is wall to wall meetings, spent administering to … [Read More]

The Impact or your Actions

Have you even witnessed a situation where one person quite literally left another person in shambles, and had no idea of the devastation left behind? I have seen individuals visibly shocked, if hot traumatized after a nasty encounter with a boss. I have then heard those same bosses later discussing the incident very matter-of-factly, framing [Read More]

Year End Review

Brace yourself. The upcoming year is an election year, and we will all be bombarded with the question, “are you better off today than when the incumbent took office?” Frankly, it is good to do an accountability assessment on occasions. Given we are approaching the end of another year, how would you rate your own [Read More]

The Commitment Issue

The generations are at it again in the workplace. I constantly hear managers complain that their younger workers just don’t seem nearly as committed to work as the previous generations were. They cite how so many of those workers seem to think that work is just going through the motions. If a major deadline is [Read More]

How Can I Help

How Can I Help?” is an important opportunity for true leaders.  I hope that you will think about and consider this question.  Real leaders understand what “How can I help” means and they do it! This month’s thoughts are from Tom Heuer, former professor at Miami University and longtime leadership thinker. Tom and I have [Read More]

Change and Credibility

You need to be aware of how constant change can impact your credibility as a leader. Think about how change typically occurs in the workplace. Day one, leadership announces some rather significant change the organization will be undergoing. They explain it as best they can, including the reasons it is necessary. There is the usual [Read More]