Coaching and Consulting

When you need more personal attention than comes from our programs or customized group solutions, look to our one on one and small group consulting services to give you pin-point answers to your leadership questions.


Team Building and Development:

We know the main reason why teams succeed or fail!

Teams of every size and at every level need outside assistance from time to time. We have years of experience in helping teams become more strategically focused, capitalize on change, and improve their own effectiveness. This work is always customized to address the unique issues of the team.  Some of the tools we use include:

Vital Signs
Experiential Activities
The Five Dysfunctions
Belbin Team Roles
Myers Briggs

Emotional Intellingence

ILA offers coaching using The Emotional Competence Inventory, based on the landmark work of Daniel Goleman and Richard Boyatzis.


Coaching Programs

ILA offers programs for helping managers and leaders learn to become better coaches of other people.  Based on solid research and highly interactive, participants leave with the ability to immediately identify and apply the kind of coaching which is most beneficial for their people.


Executive Coaching:

There is a unique and special relationship between senior executives and their people. There are also many dynamics that clutter those relationships. We bring additional perspectives to help senior people become more effective in leveraging their ability to get things done. Click here for an overview of our coaching process.


Organizational Consulting:

Every organization is experiencing change – big change. This makes Organizational Development more crucial than ever before. We help people in organizations make remarkable progress and enjoy their work more, despite all the turbulence. We help leaders think about strategy, and develop bold and innovative ways to achieve it