Welcome to all who have become certified to teach The Leadership Challenge® and associated programs. This section of our website is devoted to you. Here we will exchange ideas on facilitation processes, program content and other important items to help each of you continue to grow in your competence and confidence as program leaders.

Since leaders are lifelong learners, we encourage all of you to generously contribute to our collective learning.  We believe it will benefit all of us.  Please click on the following link, where you will be asked to enter your password.  Then you can join us in rich discussions about more effective facilitation of the program, and continued learning.  We hope you will bookmark this page and be a frequent contributor.  Your colleagues are counting on you!  Thank you for your commitment to and investment in The Leadership Challenge, for yourself and others.

Facilitator Continuing Training

For those of you who are interested in adopting The Leadership Challenge® and joining this terrific community of  certified facilitators, please contact us for more details about this.