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We at ILA believe that leadership makes a difference. We also believe that people at all levels have the capability to become better leaders. (Learn More) about how ILA can help you act upon your goals of strengthening the leadership talent throughout your organization.

Being Accountable

The ILA Blog offers insights on a variety of contemporary leadership topics and issues. Our newest post features a short video about caring and generosity that will bring you hope, if not a tear to your eye. Check it out.

Overcoming Complacency

A young manager whom I was coaching posed a very interesting question to me.Ā  He asked, “how do you get complacent peer colleagues on your team to get engaged in some projects that are really exciting and of great importance to the organization? How would you answer him? In our book, we discuss how leaders find ways to ignite possibilities in others and get them enthused about something. We hope you will check out some of the options.

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Light the Fire Within!

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Development Opportunity

The UD Center for Leadership is taking registrations for its next Emerging Leader Certificate Program, beginning August 7. Seats are still available so APPLY NOW! It is like an MBA in leadership and has proven to be highly relevant and valuable to those attending. Also, we encourage you to Learn More about their other relevant and inspiring Executive Development offerings.

No one does The Leadership ChallengeĀ® Workshop better than ILA. As one of the few Wiley Publishing Global Training Partners, we are distinct from all others in our unsurpassed years of experience with and application of the material. And we have a complete Leadership Challenge section of our website, devoted to this body of work. Join us for this remarkable learning experience.

Upcoming Public Program Dates:

We typically offer:

a certification session for coaching with the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) assessment inventory

a training session for those desiring to become facilitators of The Leadership Challenge Workshop.

an annual residential public offering of The Leadership Challenge Workshop for nonprofits in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky region.

Dates on these will be posted here soon.