Exciting News – New Book

ILA’s Steve Coats and co-author Tom Heuer, a professor at Miami University are pleased to announce their newest book, Ignite The Extraordinary.  It is filled with rich and timely lessons, which you and your teams will enjoy learning.  Read more about it, and how to order it. We hope you greatly benefit and will help spread the word about it. Enjoy your reading.

A Much Different World

The ILA Blog offers insights on a variety of contemporary leadership topics and issues. Our newest post reflects on the squeeze which the enormous amount of recent change is putting on leaders. Enjoy and benefit.

November Special Event

Please join our friends and partners at the UD Center for Leadership on November 17th for Start with the Vision: 6 Steps to Effectively Plan, Create Solutions, and Take Action with Rob Shallenberger. We encourage you to Learn More about this and other UDCL inspiring Executive Development offerings.

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Light the Fire Within!

Point to Ponder

Never attempt to minimize the impact of change. It is better to quickly embrace and start dealing with it.

Deep learning requires deep reflection. We encourage you to take some time to truly think about these often-simple sounding, but potentially profound reminders.

Leadership Practices Inventory

 width=115The revised edition of The Leadership Practices Inventory is the finest leadership assessment instrument of its kind, and ILA’s expertise with it is unmatched. Take the first step to learn more about yourself and your current leadership capabilities. Learn more about it.

No one does The Leadership Challenge® Workshop better than ILA. As one of the few Wiley Publishing Global Training Partners, we are distinct from all others in our unsurpassed years of experience with and application of the material. And we have a complete Leadership Challenge section of our website, devoted to this body of work. Join us for this remarkable learning experience.

Upcoming Public Program Dates:

Two-day program followed by a two-day facilitator training:

We will plan to offer in-person sessions later this year.

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Three-day virtual program (normally held at Joy, Outdoor Education Center, Clarksville, OH (about an hour from Cincinnati)

April 20 – 22, 2021 (Nonprofits)

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