Leading Strategic Change

Leading Strategic ChangeIt’s one thing to create a revolution. Keeping it going requires leaders to fundamentally redesign the social architecture. It is necessary to inspire as many people as possible to become agents of change. No transition is tougher for people who have spent their careers seeking stability and predictability.

Leading Strategic Change is a program which focuses on helping people spark personal and organizational change. The signature segment of the program is a process which will help participants successfully lead and implement strategic change initiatives throughout the enterprise. People will be learning about the principles of personal change while applying organizational change concepts to a “live change initiative occurring in the workplace.”

Highlights include:

  • An in-depth look at personal change and how each person responds to it.
  • Proven principles that are required for successful change initiatives
  • Definition and discussion of the “change frontier,” and understanding how people remain resilient through times of change.
  • A proven model for helping people understand what happens during change, the reasons many initiatives fail, and the kind of leadership required in various stages.
  • Experiential activities which provide key and lasting lessons about the impact of change.
  • The development of a change leadership plan, designed to make the initiative a reality.

Leading Strategic Change is a one – two day program that can be customized to address your specific needs. ILA guarantees that this program will support your organization’s efforts to embrace change and to seize the opportunities presented by change. It will allow each participant to continue learning and demonstrate the type of leadership essential for achieving continued growth and profitability during chaotic times.