Leading Through Growth

Leading_Through_GrowthYou cannot shrink your way to greatness. You have to grow – profitably. And there must be other alternatives than buying your competition or expanding into new geographies. With the recent slowing of earnings in many industries, this may be the number one priority facing business today.

Leading Through Growth is a program developed by ILA which focuses on helping people learn what it truly takes to be a leader in creating and advancing real growth opportunities – ones that can have significant impact on the business today and in the future. The session is not conducted as a mere training event. People will be simultaneously applying what they are learning on a real work opportunity of great importance.

Highlights include:

  • Definition and discussion of the “Growth Frontier,” the means of identifying substantial growth opportunities.
  • A structured process of what each person must do as a leader, to solidify an idea in order to advance it into an implementable growth opportunity.
  • A proven methodology for getting the opportunity heard by the right people.
  • Principles on presenting an opportunity in a more compelling, enlisting way, that gains support and resources from others.
  • Presentation made to an executive panel, clarifying what needs to be done, identification of consequences, and a direct request for immediate support and resources to successfully implement the plan.
  • Development of a workable leadership plan, designed to turn the growth opportunity into measurable results.
  • Participants will also receive specific feedback focusing on 1) personal credibility, and 2) their effectiveness in providing leadership during this session.

Leading Through Growth is a two and one-half day program that can be customized to fit your specific situations. It is guaranteed to surface some extraordinary ideas, and advance some of them to successful implementation. It will also allow people to continue to learn, and demonstrate, the kind of leadership essential for profitably growing a business.