Leveraging Your Voice

“In today’s vast sea of nonstop connectivity to nearly limitless information sources, any one voice can be drowned out. Everyone knows the power of good communication, but in today’s age it seems that too many people resort to tactics of volume (simply shouting the loudest) or the outrageous (taking any extreme viewpoint simply to cause a sensation) in order to be heard.

There is a better strategy. One that knowledgable and skillful leaders have used for centuries. It’s called the leader’s voice. And when a savvy, skilled leader communicates through high definition communication channels, he or she can be heard and even change the world. In an excerpt from the upcoming book, Voice Lessons: Applying Science to the Art of Leadership Communication,  author Ron Crossland details these high definition channels and demonstrates how leaders can overcome the three fundamental barriers to being heard in a noisy, chaotic world.”

Enjoy and Learn:

Leveraging Your Voice – Complete Article (PDF) by Ron Crossland