LPI Coach Certification Program

ILA is pleased to offer the LPI® Coach Certification Program in the Cincinnati/Dayton area. This is the program which will fully prepare coaches and facilitators to be most effective when using The Leadership Practices Inventory® (LPI). The date for this special session is October 24th, and will be held at the University of Dayton’s Center for Leadership.

The Leadership Practices Inventory® is the 360° instrument which measures the frequency of 30 behaviors, identified by authors Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, as the behaviors that leaders engage in most frequently while performing at their best. This is the 360 inventory associated with the leadership methodology from the worldwide best- selling book, The Leadership Challenge.

The LPI is one of the most widely used leadership assessments for this reason. Research has shown that the more frequently an individual is perceived as demonstrating the assessed behaviors, the more likely that person will be identified as an effective leader. The LPI is a tool which helps leaders assess the extent to which they actually use those practices, so that they can determine a workable strategy for improvement. Bottom line: it helps people become more effective as a leader. Read more about the LPI.

Value of the Coach Certification Program

Many people believe that if they can read or understand how survey results are presented, they can provide solid coaching to others. That is like believing that simply living in a cave, makes one a great geologist.  It takes more.

If you are considering  the use of 360° leadership feedback, here are some key reasons for becoming more proficient with the LPI:

• You will leave with a deep understanding of the instrument, which will provide you with higher credibility in the eyes of those you are coaching.

 • Although simple and concise, the LPI is full of layers of important information for the recipient. You will be able to help people recognize some of the more subtle messages contained in their feedback, making it more valuable for them.

• The people whom you will be coaching deserve you to know as much as you can, so you can better help them grow and prosper from the feedback.

• Being Proficient in the LPI® increases your capability and value as a leadership coach. This is one assessment inventory you will want to have the knowledge and ability to use.

The tuition for the LPI® Certification session is $1300. Participants must have received feedback from their own personal LPI®, prior to the session. For those needing to complete this, the LPI-360, along with one hour of feedback is $200.

We invite you to attend the highly interactive and educational session. You will be surprised at how confident and competent you will be with the Leadership Practices Inventory® after exploring and working with it in great detail with us.

Please Contact Us for more information and to register.