Leadership Practices Inventory


Leadership Practices Inventory

Just released in June 2017, in its most updated edition, the Leadership Practices Inventory is a 360° instrument which measures the frequency of 30 specific leader behaviors. These behaviors are directly related to the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership™ detailed by authors Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner in their award winning book, The Leadership Challenge. The completely revised, sixth edition of the book was released in May 2017, clearly demonstrating that the five practices (and associated behaviors measured by the LPI) are continuing to prove their worth in all kinds of organizational settings.

The instrument contains 30 items, six for each of the five practices. Each behavior is rated on a 10-point Likert scale. Research has shown that: the more frequently an individual is perceived as doing the behaviors, the more likely that person will be identified as an effective leader.

The LPI is elegant in its simplicity and its power. Respondents do not have to sort through page after page of confusing data, trying to figure out what the feedback means and what is most important. It is easily understandable and provides a clear roadmap on how best to proceed in more fully developing leadership behaviors.

The LPI provides both reliable and valid assessments of respondent leadership behavior and skill. It is one of the most widely used leadership inventories for both individual feedback and leadership research purposes. An in-depth analysis of its psychometric properties has been published, (for those seeking a very detailed examination of the inventory), and numerous doctoral dissertations have been based on the LPI.

Special News: Just released is the new offering The LPI+. This is a bundled offering which includes two LPI’s which can be taken over an 18 month period. You can receive a second set of LPI feedback up to 18 months after receiving your first feedback report. This bundled offering reduces the cost of the second LPI by $120. An individual LPI is $170 and the bundled package for two is only $220. The LPI+ is a economical way to ensure people have the opportunity to track their growth and progress a year or so after receiving their first set of data.

The LPI continues to be one of the most effective instruments for both understanding and developing more capable leaders. And ILA has been working with and coaching others with the LPI longer than anyone but the authors themselves.  To learn how it can help you become more effective in your role as a leader, please contact us.