The Belbin Team Role Inventory

The Belbin Team Role Inventory logoEver wondered why so many teams are unable to produce the results that are expected of them. Read on about one very effective way to deal with that issue.

The Belbin Team Role Inventory is a system that identifies the team roles that each individual on a team is best suited to take. There are nine team roles (determined by years of original research by Dr. Meredith Belbin) which are essential for team success. The inventory is ideal for forming and analyzing teams of four to fifteen members.

The system uses self perception and observer questionnaires that can be completed in less than 30 minutes. The feedback reports allow teams to quickly analyze and pinpoint specific reasons for sub-optimum performance or interpersonal conflict.

By employing team role concepts in an organization, any team can identify their natural team strengths, composition and the level of balance required to meet and exceed their objectives. The Belbin Team Role Inventory resolves the complex issues of how to get the most out of individuals and how to blend individuals into strong, productive teams. Never before have you had such powerful support in creating and developing high performing teams.

To learn more about the various team roles or to receive sample reports, please contact ILA. You will find the Belbin Team Role Inventory to be a valuable tool in enabling people to do their best work. To visit the Belbin website, click here.