The Leader’s Voice™ Workshop

The ability to communicate authentically and powerfully is the crucial leadership competence. Yet today’s complex, networked, virtual workplace has muted many leaders. Every time leadership competency is researched, the failure to communicate well is highlighted. A recent study highlights that the number one reason people quit their jobs is because their boss is “poor at communicating, petty and critical, and takes credit for others’ success.” The Leader’s Voice™ addresses the communication portion of these issues.

Reviewing twenty years of leadership and communication research, sifting over 1,100 examples of leadership communication, and studying the inferences of modern neurological science has led us to a simple, stimulating leadership communication model. Leaders, at their best, communicate simultaneously on three channels: factual, emotional and symbolic. We demonstrate how facts, emotions and symbols can be used in public presentations, one-on-one meetings and even via email to enhance a leader’s effectiveness and ability to move his or her constituency to greater conviction, consciousness and competence.


The Leader’s Voice™ workshop can be delivered in one, two, and three-day formats. Contact us for more information.