The Leadership Challenge 5th Edition


The world and the workplace have changed dramatically since the first edition of The Leadership Challenge went to press 25 years ago. The growth and expansion of our global mindset is a bit staggering when you think about what our business world was like in 1987. We’ve experienced profound changes brought on by advances in technology. And compare the gender and ethnic diversity of the workforce in the 1980s—not to mention the make-up of those occupying the C-level suites—with the picture we see today! Yet while the context of leadership may have changed, the content of leadership—and The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® model—has endured the test of time. And that’s why the fifth edition of The Leadership Challenge, is so exciting.

With each new edition, Jim and Barry get a chance to reaffirm what’s important, to discard what’s not, and add fresh insight to make current and relevant the role The Five Practices play in helping ordinary people achieve extraordinary things. The Leadership Challenge, 5th Edition, delivers just that.

• An ever-expanding lens views how leadership is practiced in more regions of the world than before
• Over 100 new case studies cast the principles and practices of The Leadership Challenge® in today’s context of how people work, what followers expect of leaders, and what leaders must do to engage others to achieve the extraordinary
• Addresses such contemporary issues as establishing trust-based relationships with off-site or long-distance direct reports, remote at-home workers, and members of the global workforce
• First-hand accounts and inspiring stories explore how The Five Practices have helped others face the toughest organizational challenges leaders face today
• Expanded Take Action section that concludes each chapter provides plenty of suggestions for taking immediate steps to make these leadership practices an ongoing part of our learning. Now with The Leadership Challenge Mobile Tool it’s even easier and more convenient to put these Take Action suggestions into practice every day.

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