Talent Wanted

As one who works with hundreds of different people each year, I receive LinkedIn connection requests from people almost every week. I appreciate them thinking of me and enjoy hearing from them. And, I have noticed something a bit interesting when I start reading up on them. A large number of the invitations are from people who have left, voluntarily or not, from the company they were with when I met them. But then I see something else. Most of them are showing a new position with another organization on their profile.  Good for them.

It dawns on me that in spite of the slumbering economy, talented people are still able to find work. In fact, a couple of the larger clients with whom I work, are always looking to hire. The problem they face is finding the kind of talent they need. We are not talking Ph.D level stuff here, but then again, something more than a pair of hands is required. As we all know, a job these days is not an entitlement. “Help Wanted” as been replaced with “Talent Wanted.” One has to work to become talented enough to be hired, and then persistent enough to find the opportunity which is a match.

My guess is there are far too many unemployed people today who are qualified and are working hard to find a good position. I hope they keep at it, and through networks and other connections find success. I would also advise those who are not so qualified to candidly assess and their talents, and start developing some new ones. There are no longer positions for the proverbial buggy whip craftsman or the car mechanic who works on carburetors. It is up to each person to ensure that his/her talents and skills are contemporary and of value to others. I have met many people in transition or out of work, who tend to blame outside forces for their plights, when for the past few years they have opted for complacency vs. continued learning. Learning and growing is hard work, and the price everyone must pay to stay in the game.

My final advice to everyone regarding this topic. Make sure you have at least one person in your life who will relentlessly challenge you to grow and learn. You (and I) may deceive ourselves into thinking that we are keeping our skills fresh and desirable, while the changing world leaves us further and further behind.


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