A New Year’s Wish

I was giving some thought to what I wanted to occur during 2012 and one item jumped into mind. My hope is during this election year, people will not completely toss out thinking for emotions. I am amazed at people who appear madly in love with their candidate for inexplicable reasons. Campaign stops and conventions become giant lovefests, with tears, weak knees, endless applause, etc. There are some who know the particular candidate and are in great alignment with him or her on important issues, and their passion is legitimate. Unfortunately, too many are just caught up in the ground swell of the moment.

My hope is people will do some homework and keep in mind the capabilities which are needed in the offices being sought. There is a lot at stake these days. Going gaga over (or despising) a candidate because of superficial qualities (looks, race, gender, recognizable name etc.), or simply wanting to be like “everybody else,” are just not good enough reasons for voting someone into office. Making good decisions requires education, and boy, do we need good decisions. It is up to each of us to become knowledgable so we can vote wisely. And hopefully a number of us will be sure to encourage and inspire others to do the same.

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