Difference Maker – or Administrator

Greetings Leaders,

I have a bit of a challenging question for you to noodle on. Based on what you spend most of your time on at work, are you more of an administrator – or a difference maker?

It seems like for many the new normal is wall to wall meetings, spent administering to … if you will … an endless number of pressing items. Zoom and Teams add to the fray, as they have pretty much eliminated the need of down time for any kind of commuting (even too often, for that trip down the hallway to the bathroom).

But at the end of the day, are you fulfilled? Can you ever say, “today I made a truly positive impact on a large number of people,” be those customers, employees, communities or whomever? Or are you getting so caught up in spreadsheets, reports, reviews, and repetitious discussions that you have pretty much lost track about why your work actually matters? Think about it.

Be reminded that all work today can seem like a giant black hole with an insatiable appetite for more of everyone’s time and energy. So, don’t forget to occasionally pause, highlight, and celebrate with your teams the real difference your work and theirs is making. As a leader, you need to help your people see the impact of their hard work. When they know they are contributing to something meaningful, it is much easier for them to come back the next day fully committed, despite all the meetings and other crud they will have to endure. The same is true for you, isn’t it?

May you and your teams not just be hard workers this year, but real difference makers for those you serve. All the best.

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