Leader Competencies for Today

Given all of the changes in the work environment lately, I have been reflecting on some of the leadership competencies/behaviors which seem to be increasing in need at the moment. See what you think.

The first is about “sense-making.” Every day people are being bombarded from all sides with facts, figures, opinions, spreadsheets, conspiracy theories, reports, and so forth. Daily life has become an unceasing and mind-numbing stream of noise. We need leaders to help us cut through the clamor – to make sense of it all, and glean out what is relevant and necessary. We need to determine what matters, in order to avoid getting sucked into the giant blackhole of what doesn’t.

The second competence is about being what I call “grounding presence.” We need leaders to help people feel a sense of belonging or affiliation. In a more separated work environment, workers often asking questions such as:

• Is my job secure
• how is my work being viewed
• are we as a team making headway
• what am I missing
• how much do I matter

Leaders need to be more intentionally present, to let people working remotely know they are not isolated or alone, that they do matter, and that they are very much a part of something important. These affirmations help people continue to rise up to new challenges.

Finally, leaders need to demonstrate more genuine concern about the well-being of others – whether they are remote or in-office. More so than ever, leaders need to know “how” their people are doing, not just “what” their people are doing. This does not mean becoming certified as a clinical psychologist. It means letting others know you care about them and are there for them. The emotional distress and physical fatigue from the past several COVID-strained months have taken their toll. People can use some care.

Think about what people most need from you to keep them inspired about pursuing the risky roads ahead. And please be willing to share your additions to my list. We can all use the help.

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