The Difficulty of Re-wiring

I have heard many people living in older houses talk with great love about the charm or feel of their homes. Part of that love may come from the history associated with the age of the house, and the elegance of some of the workmanship. There is something about antiques that touch a number of us.

However, I have also heard these same people not speak so kindly about the infrastructure, especially the electrical and the plumbing. The culprit I hear a great deal about is the wiring. Let’s just say, the way electricity was run through some of these long-standing places was nowhere near what code is today. Re-wiring simply is part of the process for of making the house liveable.

So is re-wiring part of your process? Not for your old home, but for your old head – or perhaps better said, for the old things in your head. I do hope that is the case. Yet, I must warn you. It will surprise you how much hard work it will take to accomplish it.

Think of a simple example – taking a new vitamin at breakfast. The pill jar is right in front of you, and maybe at first you even put the vitamin on your plate. After a few weeks, it becomes as natural to grab the tablet as it does to reach for the salt or pepper. Then you go away for a couple of days, or you grab a bite to eat while running out the door, instead of sitting down. A few days later you realize that you have been forgetting to take the vitamins for some time.

My guess is many of you can relate to a scenario similar to this, whether it is a health supplement, taking time to mediate or read every day, or replacing ineffective ways of behaving with more productive ones. Whatever your old wiring has been telling you to do, is still locked in your body. It is always there, even though you try to permanently delete it by practicing and practicing new behaviors.

To help you firmly lock in the new wiring, let me offer a couple of thoughts. First, reminders can help. Whether they are scheduled calendar reminders you send yourself, or requests you have made to people around you, it is good to get some help. Remember, if it is a vitamin, you can put some in your backpack, by your bed, in the bathroom, all kinds of places to ensure you take them daily. Perhaps you can find tangible reminders you can surround yourself with for behavior re-wiring as well.

Second, just stay with it. You will forget on occasions or fall off the proverbial wagon. If you will take a couple of seconds to think about how your slipped, you might be able to discover another reminder to help you through the next time. But for anyone who plays sports or music, you are already aware that muscle memory will set in after some time. Just stay with it.

I hope your re-wiring continues to go well and leads you to becoming an even better leader – and person than you may be today. All the best.

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