Time to Reflect

For a couple of weeks or so in December, the treadmill of business slows down a little bit for a number of people, excluding of course those in retail and other Christmas holiday businesses. Very likely, most of the “orders or sales” coming in for the year are pretty well completed, given that many commercial customers are off the treadmill as well. It is a nice break, although it goes by quickly.

Then January arrives and the treadmill is back to full speed. There are new goals and objectives, and they are probably at least a little higher than the previous year’s. It does not take long to put the holiday spirit behind and get back into the full time rat race. And for many, it simply feels like more of the same. People are back doing mostly the same type of work, while facing the annual struggle of attempting to hit that elusive target of “More.” Sound familiar?

It is said, one does not learn from experience, but from reflecting on experience. There is more than a grain of truth in that. So perhaps this year while you are off the treadmill for a few days, you can take some time to do some real reflection.

Ironically, one of the most effective ways of looking forward is to first look back. It provides some needed grounding and perspective. Taking some time with the following questions will indeed help you prepare yourself for the work awaiting you going forward. With that said,

  • Were you satisfied with the year?
  • What has been the most fulfilling part of your recent work?
  • What surprised you the most about what you experienced or accomplished?
  • What has been your greatest recent learning?
  • What is a piece of baggage – a tough relationship, a grudge, a disagreement, etc. – that you know you need to leave behind?
  • What would you tell others you are most proud of, from what you have done?

These are just a start, but you may find them very helpful in clarifying how you want to pursue your work and your life going forward. And, when you have spent some time pondering those questions, give this one some thought. If 2020 were to be really remarkable, what would you most like to occur?

Hopefully you want something better than simply getting back on the treadmill, doing the same routine in the same way you have done for months. It is hard to do your best work, when boredom and apathy start setting in.

Determine something meaningful and commit yourself fully to it. And may 2020 be a fabulous year in all aspects of life.

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