A Lesson From The Trails

I recently returned from a week long getaway in New Mexico. Truly spectacular country! While there, I was able to do one of my favorite things, which is hiking. And the foothills and mountains of New Mexico are wonderful places to hike.

imag0444Long ago, I was taught by a very sage and experienced hiker, that there are two ways to hike – slow and slower. That is the only way to take in all the breathtaking sights along the way, whether it is a single bloom or a panoramic mountain range. I followed that advice. And you should also know that not once on the trails in New Mexico did I stop to check mail or take a call. Too busy just looking and taking photos to do anything else..

Let me ask you to consider something. I believe there are wonderful views surrounding you every day at work. Colleagues way out of their comfort zones closing an impossible piece of business. People who benefit deeply because of your products or services. Neighbors in need, who get an unexpected and much needed lift, because of the generosity of your organization. You probably don’t think about the wonder around you very much. Perhaps you should.

Unfortunately, the world today is always frantic, and the pace of work will most likely never slow down. There are real deadlines which must be met, and you simply do not have the option to take it slow and easy. However, you can make some stops along the way to deeply appreciate the incredible sights all around you, longing to be seen. Never again speed by and let the beauty of someone’s great work or outstanding accomplishments go unnoticed.

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