Delivery Options

Delivery Options

The Leadership Challenge® Workshop can be presented in a variety of different options, ranging from a one-day overview to a week-long, residential program. The three-day and four-day versions tend to be the most preferred, as these provide the participants with a more complete experience.

The three and four-day programs:

are virtually identical in terms of content and classroom. Both provide the opportunity for participants to explore, quite deeply, the key practices of exemplary leaders, validated in Kouzes and Posner’s research. The major difference is the amount of time that can be spent in experiencing the lessons of  leadership.

The outdoor, experiential activities are more intensive and challenging in the longer program, resulting in two additional benefits. It raises the level of “affective” learning (an individual’s personal connection with the lessons presented and the ability to immediately apply them), and also increases the degree of team unity and cohesion that occurs during the workshop. Very simply, participants have a greater opportunity with which to experiment and begin mastering the newly learned behaviors of effective leaders. It elevates the confidence that participants have in their own ability to make an immediate and positive impact back on the job.

The two-day workshop:

is extremely fast paced, providing an introduction to the key practices of leaders, and a limited opportunity to investigate them in more detail. Much less time is spent on the “experience of leadership,” but  participants are still better equipped when they return to the workplace to begin modeling more effective leader behaviors.

The one-day overview:

introduces the key practices, giving participants the opportunity to learn about exemplary leadership. It does provide a solid foundation, as well as appropriate direction for participants to take their  leadership development.