Workshop Overview

Workshop Overview

Based on the bestselling book, The Leadership Challenge, by Barry Posner and Jim Kouzes, the workshop is a unique, intensive leadership development program for all levels of management. During this fast-paced workshop, participants explore the proven practices of leadership, most frequently associated with leaders at their best. They also receive extensive feedback on their current leadership behaviors from the Leadership Practices Inventory®. Long hours, hard work, uplifting celebration and rich development of close relationships make The Leadership Challenge® a memorable experience. The Leadership Challenge® Workshop liberates the leader in each of us.

Before arrival, participants complete these pre-workshop activities:

• A written “Personal Best” leadership experience
• The Leadership Practices Inventory® Self assessment
• The Leadership Practices Inventory® Observer assessments
• Characteristics of Admired Leaders
• Personal Objectives

A variety of proven learning methodologies are used with each client based on specific needs, goals and workshop length. Some of those include:

• Classroom lecture/discussions
• Assessment feedback
• Video case studies
• Individual assignments
• Small and large group discussions and assignments
• Indoor experiential activities
• Outdoor experiential activities (including ropes course)
• Application to client’s specific business imperative

How participants learn directly impacts what they learn, and how they can best apply it!