Highlights & Value

Highlights & Value

Whether you are already involved with leadership development or are just beginning the process, there are some unique things about The Leadership Challenge® that will be of benefit to you.

Thirty plus years of evidence-based research. Through hundreds of research studies and doctoral dissertations, we know that people who more frequently demonstrate these leadership practices are able to achieve better results in a number of performance areas, compared to those who do not. The good news – the practices have been proven to work.

• Despite the obvious academic rigor, The Leadership Challenge® is anything but an academic theory of unreachable ideals. It is about specific, understandable, practical behaviors that can be learned and applied in any setting. People easily remember these practices, and measurably improve their effectiveness as leaders. This is why The Leadership Challenge® Model has been adopted and widely embraced by companies of all shapes and sizes.

Includes The Leadership Practices Inventory®, a 30 question 360° inventory, which is simple in design,

Over 3 million leaders and their observers have completed the LPI, the most researched 360° leadership assessment available today.

yet unmatched in validity and reliability. It is the most researched leadership inventory available.

• The best selling book on which this program is based, has sold more than one million copies around the world.

Easily adapted to meet unique organizational needs and circumstances.

• The program is experience-based so participants remain fully engaged while getting hands-on practice. The video case examples used are both contemporary and relevant. Some were developed exclusively for this program.

• The program is offered by International Leadership Associates, who has over thirty years of experience with this body of work, longer than anyone but the authors themselves.

Perhaps most significant of all: The lessons stick. People are able to understand, embrace, and more intentionally apply the behaviors to produce better results.