Are You at Your Best

Greetings Leaders,

Time for a little mid-year reflection. Looking back over the past few weeks, is there a time that stands out for you when you felt as if you were truly leading at your best? That would be a time when you were very aware of and deliberate in your leadership and things seemed to be clicking. Even with the daily chaos, you were connecting with your people, progress was being made, emotional craziness was minimized, and perhaps there was even an uncommon sense of calm over the group. Have there been any moments like these? Or do you feel as if you have simply been trying to keep everyone’s heads above water in very turbulent seas?

If there were some of these best leadership moments, hit the pause button and really examine what you had been doing and why the outcomes were so positive. These moments usually begin with paying attention, close attention to others. That focus provides you with some valuable information about what people truly need, be it direction, clarity, support, or just some much needed assurances about the future. Knowing how you can best serve them helps you lead them in the best way. With all the uncertainty in the world and organizational shapeshifting taking place, there is an enormous need for you to be at your best right now.

Remember this. At those times when you just don’t feel as if there are enough hours in the day to handle all your endless challenges – and also provide leadership, that is precisely the time when your intentional leadership is most needed. And it is very difficult to pay close attention if your head is constantly in a couple of screens or you are juggling too many issues at once. So somehow, remind yourself every day to slow down and pay attention to those around you. That is one of the things that leaders at their best frequently do.

Take care and enjoy Summer.

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