Leader Resoluions

Since it is that time for resolutions, I thought I would give you a hand on someof your leadership aspirations going forward. Following is a solid list of some of the things that effective leaders intentionally focus on (along with some brief descriptions of each). You may have a few of your own favorites to add, and you may be able to combine a few below. Regardless, if you follow through on these resolutions, you will find that trust and commitment will increase, and that more people will most likely “want to struggle” with you and for you a little more.  For those of you really devoted to becoming a better leader, I challenge you to decide which of these you will promise to do and publish that promise for all of your people. Making your resolutions visible will increase your commitment to following through, and invites an open dialogue with your folks for getting feedback on how you are doing. So, here we go.

I resolve to:

  • Always treat you with dignity and respect (no belittling, pigeonholing or labeling; give you credit; stand up for you in your absence)
  • Help you grow and develop yourself through your work (provide you challenging opportunities to work on, permit risk taking and failure, provide coaching)
  • Ensure you are clear on the outcomes you are expected to deliver (quantitative and qualitative, company and community)
  • Ensure you are clear on why you are being asked to do what is expected of you (remind how your work contributes to the overall organization or the greater good)
  • Ensure you are clear on the values we live by (how we will act toward each other in doing our work together)
  • Ensure you are clear on the direction the team/organization is headed (provide the context and larger purpose of our work)
  • Give you honest, timely, and helpful performance and development feedback (includes progress made, and to be made)
  • Be a positive role model for you (someone whom you want to emulate; consistency between my words and actions)
  • Fulfill my commitments to you (do what I say I will do)
  • Be totally present in our interactions (listen to understand vs, being judgmental, not be distracted or attempt to multi-task)
  • Create an environment where you can be inspired and enthused about your work (foster a climate of high spirit and productivity, and emphasize why your work matters)
  • Be encouraging and supportive through your challenges (have your back, and help you overcome adversity)
  • Express my praise of, and gratitude for your contributions and accomplishments (let you know that you are valued and that you matter)
  • Continue learning and practicing, to become a better leader for you (solicit and act upon your feedback of my behavior)

Believe it or not, you can get better at many of these. However, settle for the 1 or 2 that are really important for you, and get started right now. Progress requires an everyday effort, and I hope you will choose to stick with your goals over the long haul.  Good luck to all, and have a terrific 2017.


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