The Power of Imagination

We all know that when visions are discussed, there is often a reference to the word imagination. You have probably heard the adage, “you have to imagine the future before you can create it.” If you are an aspiring leader and need some exposure to some great imagination, I have a recommendation for you.

I recently had the opportunity to visit the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, FL. I have always appreciated great art, but am rather uneducated about it. So I still cannot tell you much about Dali’s brushstrokes or perspective. But oh what a trip to the land of imagination. I felt awed, amazed, inspired and a whole bunch of other emotions. Believe me when I tell you, one could look at a few of his individual works for an hour each and not see everything in them. Dali was indeed a master of converting images in his head to the proverbial canvas.

Leadership is also an art and the masters are able to convert dreams and images of the future into a vivid pictures that excite, motivate and move people to action. One of the mistakes too many developing leaders make is not exercising the courage to use their imaginations to dream really big. Such a pity. It is often those big hairy audacious goals (thank you Jim Collins), visions chock full of great imagination, that leave us breathless.

So treat yourself to an educational and inspiring field trip to spend a day with Dali. It will certainly get you thinking about things in ways you cannot imagine.

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