Lessons From The Pandemic

Greetings Everyone, As we rollover into June 2020, life seems to be picking up again around the country. Businesses of all kinds are back, although on a very restricted basis, and most have greatly ramped up their safety measures. I am hopeful that we can figure out both – conducting business and staying safe – [Read More]

The Problem with Patterns

Cn u ndrstnd ths wrds? My guess is you probably “can understand these words.” The brain is remarkable at filling in the blanks and helping people make sense out of things. We all develop thinking patterns, and those patterns help us navigate the world quickly and efficiently, even with incomplete information. You may have patterns [Read More]

Does Inspiration Matter?

How important do you believe it is for people to be inspired about their work? Does inspiration really make a difference or is it a concept that is merely getting a lot of buzz these days? I am on the “makes a difference” side, and a recent episode reinforces why. I recently attended a talk [Read More]

Independent Leaders?

From over thirty years of research, We see that still today only 5% of respondents indicate that ”Independent” is an attribute they most look for in a leader. There is plenty of justification for that low rating. After all, people seem to want their leaders involved, engaged and connected, not acting aloof or going off [Read More]

Success = Believe in Who You Are!

It is very easy for businesses today to lose their way, as change of all kinds is occurring endlessly and no enterprise is immune from its impact. Guest contributor Tom Heuer, a professor in the School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Miami of Ohio University, has graciously provided some winning approaches, designed to help organizations [Read More]

A Lesson from the Past

Many of you may recall hearing about the famous one-word mantra, popular at IBM years ago. Having read several renditions of this story, it seems this single word statement was started by former CEO Thomas Watson, and served as a beacon of guidance and leadership for all. Apparently when things did not go as planned, [Read More]

Innovations in Leadership

The insightful comments below are from noted author, Ron Crossland (The Leader’s Voice, Voice Lessons). Enjoy. I recently read Michael Schrage’s, author of Serious Play (a seriously good book), recent article in Harvard Business Review about the role of surprise as applied to innovation. He asks, “Is it better to be predictably surprising or surprisingly [Read More]

Your Dent in the Universe

I am currently reading the story about Steve Jobs of Apple. Interesting enough, much of the book is about what a first class jerk Jobs could be. At the same time even his critics would say he had a way of distorting reality to convince others to join him in what at the time could [Read More]

The Start of Something Great

I recently had the opportunity to serve as a judge for some new business start-up ideas, developed by students in the Entrepreneur program at Miami (of Ohio) University. It was very enlightening and great fun, although the students would perhaps disagree with the fun part! There were a range of concepts, some technology-based, some more [Read More]

The Power of Imagination

We all know that when visions are discussed, there is often a reference to the word imagination. You have probably heard the adage, “you have to imagine the future before you can create it.” If you are an aspiring leader and need some exposure to some great imagination, I have a recommendation for you. I [Read More]