Year End Review

Brace yourself. The upcoming year is an election year, and we will all be bombarded with the question, “are you better off today than when the incumbent took office?” Frankly, it is good to do an accountability assessment on occasions.

Given we are approaching the end of another year, how would you rate your own self progress during the past year? Have you grown in any way other than older? Were you able to strengthen some relationships, or are all pretty much the same? Are you a little smarter in some areas, or do you feel like all the changes in the world have left you a little further behind? What say you about you?

It is terribly easy for the demands/needs of the job, boss, spouse, kids, and everyone else to barge in and steal the time we may have planned for our own growth. And thus those great intentions unfortunately remain solely as intentions. So, my holiday gift to all of you is permission to sneak in some time for yourself going forward for your own development. Leadership (and life in general for that matter) requires sacrifice – of our own wants, needs, desires, and so forth. But remember, it does not require you to personally sacrifice everything,,, including time for your own growth.

Whether a formal resolution or a spur-of-the-moment commitment to something, I am going to triple-dog dare you to make and follow through on those self-development plans which you know are important for you. And I will challenge you to do that without sacrificing any more sleep. All the best


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