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The Leadership Challenge® Workshop

In a two to four-day time frame, this renowned program covers the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®, developed by authors and researchers Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner.  In a highly interactive, experience-based approach, participants learn how to Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and Encourage the Heart.

What makes The Leadership Challenge® so The Leadership Challengevaluable?

Whether you are already involved with leadership development or are just beginning the process, there are some unique things about The Leadership Challenge® that will be of benefit to you.

  • The Leadership Challenge Model has been adopted and widely embraced by companies of all shapes and sizes.  The direct contributions of The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® to results have been validated time and again over the past two decades.
  • Participants receive personal and confidential feedback from The Leadership Practices Inventory®, one of the most widely used and valid leadership instruments in the world today.
  • These practices are based on learnable behaviors vs. some complicated theory or set of unreachable ideals.  People can measurably improve their effectiveness as leaders.
  • Much of the learning takes place through experiences with impact.  Participants learn in ways that assure the lesson will stick, and can be realistically applied back in the workplace.

People return to work with:

  • more capability and willingness to provide leadership for their organization
  • more options to better equip their people to achieve better results
  • increased credibility as a leader
  • more courage (and commitment) to do things differently

ILA also offers several accompanying programs to this workshop, including a 1/2-day overview of the Five Practices®, a version for individual contributors, and customized follow-on programs.  Facilitator Certification is available.

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Find out why The Leadership Challenge is more important than ever!

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