The Leader’s Learning Agenda

So often, the emphasis on improving at work is focused on doing the job more productively. After all, we normally get paid for our competence at our job, so doing it better has a lot of direct payoff. Not surprisingly, I have met very few people whose specific job title was “leader.” The job was [Read More]

Lessons about Learning to Lead

Greetings everyone. I was recently thinking about how difficult it really is to learn to become a more effective leader, and was reminded about a previous learning experience, that had many parallels. It was that ordeal of learning to drive a car with a stick shift. Many of you can no doubt relate. I remember [Read More]

A Profound Lesson About Change

I wanted to share one of the great lessons of all times, when it comes to getting ourselves or others to change the way we act. It is a two part lesson, so here we go. Lesson One: It is difficult if not impossible to change behavior without changing beliefs. Please think about this. If [Read More]

Key Lessons about Change

As I write this, the woods behind my home are a breathtaking mix of yellows, greens and oranges, with a sprinkling of reds. It reminds me that change can indeed be a beautiful thing. However, within a couple of weeks, the trees will be bare, and my yard will be covered with a deep layer [Read More]

One Thing That Never Changes – And Needs To

If you remember, fifteen years ago about this time, we were on the verge of worldwide catastrophe. Troops were not on the march, nor were missile silos being readied. No, the world was about to end, when the calendar changed to the year 2000. Because the date program in computers had been programed for only [Read More]

Success = Believe in Who You Are!

It is very easy for businesses today to lose their way, as change of all kinds is occurring endlessly and no enterprise is immune from its impact. Guest contributor Tom Heuer, a professor in the School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Miami of Ohio University, has graciously provided some winning approaches, designed to help organizations [Read More]

The Other Side Of Change

Change can be a pesky creature. One of my favorite sayings, attributed to Yogi Berra, is “the future ain’t what it used to be.” That pretty well sums up the truth about change. In fact, of all the words written about the topic, the one most accurate is likely “inevitable.” Not too long ago, I [Read More]

A Lesson from the Past

Many of you may recall hearing about the famous one-word mantra, popular at IBM years ago. Having read several renditions of this story, it seems this single word statement was started by former CEO Thomas Watson, and served as a beacon of guidance and leadership for all. Apparently when things did not go as planned, [Read More]

Strengthening Confidence

I have begun to detect a dip in the level of self-confidence people have. Two merging observations which have led me to this. First, I less frequently hear people describing their work as a slam dunk or similar term, indicating they will have no trouble with it. Work these days is a struggle, with plenty [Read More]

More than a Flip of the Switch

Stringing holiday lights around my house reminded me of a common misconception about leadership development. For some who have never done it, hanging lights may seem to be a walk in the park. Get out the lights, hang them up, and flip the switch. Presto, your home is magically transformed into something wonderfully different. Many [Read More]