Leading After COVID

There has been a blip in the space time continuum. Here is what I mean by that. For years and years, we have all heard all about the breakneck rate of change. No doubt about that. But with a disruption the size of COVID, it feels as if a decade of change has occurred within [Read More]

Be Consistent In Your Message

If we learn nothing else from COVID, we now know how absolutely vital it is to provide consistent information to people, in order for them to act. Open schools/don’t open schools, wear masks/don’t wear masks, use hydroxychloroquine, don’t use hydroxychloroquine – the confusion runs amok.  And much of this occurs within the realm of our [Read More]

Good Coaching or Not

As I write this, the world as we know it is on a bit of a hold, because March Madness has taken over. Not everyone of course is totally focused on basketball, but this annual event does generate a lot of interest. Brackets and betting pools are everywhere, there is always a grand upset or [Read More]

The Struggle with Values

My oh my, there sure are a lot of leadership issues in the news these days. As I write this, the NFL players/national anthem controversy is still in full swing. I could write about a number of things related to that! For example, the NFL seems to enforce a number of standards, from what can be [Read More]

Moving Forward into a New Year

Happy New Year! Whether you’re coming off a great year or one you’d rather forget, the New Year is here.  Time to celebrate!  By now you’ve completed your plan, set your goals and built your budget.  But wait, don’t make the mistake of jumping right into the stress of the new year without a proper [Read More]

Leadership on the River

What do plastic bottles, tires and rims, Styrofoam and used hypodermic needles all have in common? The answer is, these are all things you find in varying quantities when you volunteer to pick up trash along the riverbanks. And you would be amazed by how much other stuff there is. I recently hitched up with [Read More]

The Start of Something Great

I recently had the opportunity to serve as a judge for some new business start-up ideas, developed by students in the Entrepreneur program at Miami (of Ohio) University. It was very enlightening and great fun, although the students would perhaps disagree with the fun part! There were a range of concepts, some technology-based, some more [Read More]

The Exaggeration of Conflict

Occasionally I work with teams where there is a personal conflict among two or more of the members. There are a number of reasons for the conflict, more often differences of opinions than outright animosity toward each other. But the all too common result is that one or both seem to be more intent on [Read More]

No Teamwork

I have recently gotten involved with several teams struggling with teamwork. In each case there is at least one person who simply chooses not to be a team player. Lots of reasons from preferring to work independently to having no respect for others on the team. They appear aloof or come across like bullies. What [Read More]