A Lesson about Elections

As I write this, we are about a week away from the 2018 midterm elections. Is it just me, or does it seem as if there is an extraordinary amount of craziness going on right now? One of the reasons many might join me in feeling this way is based on what is being reported [Read More]

Leadership as Dialogue

Following are excerpts from a recent interview between Rodger Dean Duncan of Forbes and Jim Kouzes, co-author of The Leadership Challenge, highlighting the importance of open dialogue for leaders. Enjoy. _____________________ Rodger Dean Duncan: In your practice you often make the point that leadership is a dialogue, not a monologue. How does dialogue inspire a [Read More]

Ruining the Customer Experience

I recently had my annual (and what should be totally unnecessary) confrontation with my local technology provider. Everything was going along fine and then suddenly my bill almost doubled. My call to discover why was answered somewhere thousands of miles away, and I was told that the special promotions applied to my account had expired. [Read More]

The Difficulty of Re-wiring

I have heard many people living in older houses talk with great love about the charm or feel of their homes. Part of that love may come from the history associated with the age of the house, and the elegance of some of the workmanship. There is something about antiques that touch a number of [Read More]

Relying on the Wrong Skills

How well do you really know your job? Most of the people I have met seem to really know what they are doing. When they sit down with peers, they can talk for hours about “the job.” They can easily leave me in the dust, with the level of detail they bring out, and of [Read More]

The Importance of Being Forward Thinking

We are pleased to feature comments from noted author Jim Kouzes (The Leadership Challenge and others) about the importance of leaders being forward looking these days. This was originally posted in The May 2018 issue of The Leadership Challenge Newsletter. It is a critical topic for leaders and we hope you enjoy it. Read the  [Read More]

The Problem with Patterns

Cn u ndrstnd ths wrds? My guess is you probably “can understand these words.” The brain is remarkable at filling in the blanks and helping people make sense out of things. We all develop thinking patterns, and those patterns help us navigate the world quickly and efficiently, even with incomplete information. You may have patterns [Read More]

Does Inspiration Matter?

How important do you believe it is for people to be inspired about their work? Does inspiration really make a difference or is it a concept that is merely getting a lot of buzz these days? I am on the “makes a difference” side, and a recent episode reinforces why. I recently attended a talk [Read More]

The Off Year

Shaun White is the Olympic halfpipe snowboarder who defies gravity, physics, and every other limitation known to mankind. His performances are nothing short of breathtaking. In 2006 and 2010 he won the gold medal. In 2014, he went home empty-handed. Nothing, Nada. Well, he obviously had peaked and was on his way down. Maybe he [Read More]

The Importance of an Ennobling Vision

Vision is as crucial to leadership as a voice is to a singer. It is your song of the future. It defines the reason that you want to struggle for something you deem as valuable and noble. If shared with passion, conviction and emotional connection with others, a vision can bring together others who wish to struggle for [Read More]